Dental Fillings

Tooth decay (dental caries) affects 90% of American adults, and it is the most common chronic childhood disease. While fluoride supplements can deter caries, at some point, most people require a filling.

Two Types of Fillings

We place amalgam and composite resin fillings. These days, most patients prefer composite resin fillings, a tooth-colored alternative. Resin fillings look natural. However, on back teeth, when moisture is an issue, amalgam may be the best choice. Your dentist will explain the options, then determine which type of filling will be best for your case.

The Procedure

In most situations, a dental filling can be placed in one visit. We’ll remove the bacteria and decay from your tooth, then fill the tooth with amalgam or composite resin. After the new filling hardens, the dentist will shape and polish the restoration. This process takes only minutes to complete.

For teeth with deep decay, the dentist may suggest a crown instead of a filling. If the tooth has incurred internal infection, a root canal might be required.

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